I was pondering some different names for a theology blog that is oriented towards cultural commentary, and some of the issues I’ve been thinking through in my seminary studies. The aim of this blog is to have some musings which I will wrap up with at the end of my time at seminary. The blog might end then, not the learning-process.
The general aim of this blog is to be irrelevant. Annoyingly irrelevant. For some context, Merriam-Webster defines this word as meaning: “not having anything to do with the matter at hand.” Some synonyms are: extraneous, immaterial, impertinent, inapplicable, inapposite. That might give you a bit of an idea what is going on.
Christians who take God’s Word seriously have been forced into a position where we are virtually irrelevant. You might actually want to take being a follower of Jesus Christ seriously, and then have people tell you that it is irrelevant for how you treat your boss, your employee, your co-worker. Or maybe somebody will tell you that God’s Word is irrelevant when it comes to economics, gender identity, marriage. Of course, while Christians definitely take God and His Word seriously, we don’t always need to take ourselves so seriously.
Christians can be irrelevant with a glint in the eye. The Lordship of Christ is not an option that should be easily discarded in the name of relevance. What? You survived the “real world” without dropping the F-bomb?? You went to that university without getting smashed?? You really kicked that habit?? You enjoy talking to your parents?? You are friends with that that weirdo?? How is that even possible?? And then you step up to the mic and mention that you do it all because Jesus is Lord. Of course, you are smiling from ear to ear, and your voice is shaking with excitement.
As you can see, there is a wide range of variety between relevance and irrelevance. Someone might ask: why does it even matter? Well, relevance or irrelevance really doesn’t matter. Truth matters and God’s Word matters. At the same time, we are in a cultural context, and Truth matters in that context. In our cultural context, to say that this truth matters will be seen as irrelevant. And yet, there is a mic, and we still have an opportunity to step up to it, whether it is seen as irrelevant or not.
The specific aim of this blog will be to be a commentary on theological and contemporary issues. The thesis of this blog could be summed up with a little blurb from the end of Ecclesiastes: “The end of the matter; all has been heard. Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man.” The intent is to be faithful to this thesis and the spirit of Ecclesiastes. Enjoy.

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