Wildrose Country and Conservative Potential

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One interesting and recent development in politics up here in the great white north has been over in Alberta. It’s something that I have followed somewhat closely since I left Alberta for seminary. Around then a socialist National Democratic Party took over the Majority in the Albertan Legislature. I took a summer internship in central Alberta 8 months ago, which piqued my interest in Albertan politics once again. I’m not “the expert,” and I’m not an economist or a political scientist, so this piece is open for critique and discussion.

A Very Brief Overview of Events:

Almost 2 years ago, a highly socialist National Democratic Government took over from a highly corrupt provincial Conservative government in the province of Alberta. This runs almost opposite too the province of Saskatchewan where a conservative government took over an NDP stronghold. That conservative party goes under the name of the Saskatchewan Party. The current premier of Saskatchewan, Brad Wall, is the primary conservative leader in Canada right now.

But Mr. Wall might not be alone for long. Jason Kenney dropped out of federal politics about a year ago to head up a party merger in Alberta after some years of division between the “conservative” parties of Alberta. He is a principled conservative, and a voice of sanity. The Wildrose has generally held to the principled conservative positions, whereas the provincial conservatives have seemed to be more organized although with a lot of corruption.

Just recently Brian Jean, the leader of the Wildrose Party, decided to join Kenney in this push for a merger. Now comes the time where both leaders will run for the leadership of this new party. Hopefully this will join for a union of conservatives in Alberta, and they will push out the National Democrats once again.

Questions and Thoughts:

Obviously, the first question everyone is asking is: who will lead this new conservative party? But that doesn’t matter so much when you consider what kind of party that they could be. Even more important: what kind of party will they shape up to be? Will they overlook corruption? Will they be the crony capitalists who ran Alberta in the past? By crony capitalists I mean a government who allies itself with big business by handing out bail-outs and receiving favours. Christians and other social conservatives of religious groups are asking: will they go with the flow and compromise on “social issues” such as abortion and same-sex marriage?

As you might be able to notice, I know a bit more about macro-economics than micro-economics. But I hope that this point, though poorly stated, is a point that people can take and work with. The fact is, conservatives in the past have bought into Keynesian Economics and government bail-outs.

This being said, it could be said that the current NDP government is full of crony capitalists as well. They just disguise it with compassion (maybe that is all socialism has ever been). By that, I mean that they ally themselves with big business as well. Either that, or maybe you can call government itself big business. They don’t ally themselves so much with the oil companies as they do with the men and women who run the unions. The unions of 21st century Canada hold a lot of power, especially in provinces like Ontario.

This new government could poise itself to be a serious government for justice, rather than allying themselves with the wealthy gangs which run Canada. They could be a serious force for justice rather than being the wealthy gang that runs Canada. That includes both the Union (a socialist form of big business) and the big business that is poorly run and needs to be bailed out all the time from out of the taxpayer’s pocket. They could promote free trade and free markets rather than being the control freaks that have run our economy for so long.

This kind of government that deals out power fairly and gives up control, could be poised to be a powerful force within Canada. Of course, that might mean cracking open the book of Proverbs and reading it out-loud in Albertan parliament. Any new government is going to mess up, because they are just men. But they also have an opportunity. You won’t win that marathon if you don’t start running.

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