A Prayer for Reformation


It is 500 years after one of the largest-scale Reformations in Church history. We still pray for further Reformation.

Our Father in Heaven, may Your name be made holy in our land and in our churches. May Your Kingdom come and Your will be done. On earth as in heaven. We pray that you would grant reformation in our land. The walls of gold entomb us. Our people drift and die. We love dollar signs more than your Words. We love entertainment more than the worship of your holiness.

We are a weak people buffeted by the opposing winds of doctrine. We are drawn and repulsed by the personalities of your servants rather than the truth of your word. We kill your prophets and sell the skins of the sheep to the wolves. We allow little squabbles to divide us, when we should be building on the foundation of your Word and around the cornerstone Jesus Christ, Your only beloved Son.

As churches, we have pushed away repentant sinners rather than pointing them to Jesus. We have accepted hypocrisy rather than sending men and women to Jesus who takes away the sins of the world. We have turned a blind eye to the sins that take place in our churches, because we have turned a blind eye to our own sins. We don’t understand grace. We have grace anemia. We have grace anorexia. And for that, we repent and we pray for reformation in our lives and in our churches.

We pray that You would send times of refreshing on our land. We pray that You would send out of the dew of the Spirit on this wilderness. We pray that You would pour out the flood of Your Spirit on a barren land. Let our hearts burn with love for You and love for our neighbour. Set our hearts on fire with the truth of Your Holy Word.

We have failed to worship You as we ought. We have allowed church to become tedious and so have driven away those who have come seeking the joy of the gospel. We would rather take a nap on a Sunday afternoon rather than lead an unbeliever to Jesus. We are a sleeping bride. Our lamps have dimmed. Do not take away your lampstand from among us! Without You we are in darkness. Without You we are in despair.

We have failed to care for the orphan and widow and keep ourselves unstained from the world. We have failed to bring back those who are headed for death. And for that we repent. We are broken. We need Your grace. For that we need the cleansing blood of Your Son and the work of Your Spirit to revive us and breathe new life into our dead bones. We need the nourishment of Your Word and Spirit so that we can have a wholehearted view of Your grace.

Send out Your Spirit, so that we might see Jesus. Help us to look at His life, death, resurrection, and ascension and go out and live that life as we are united to Jesus Christ. Give us the gospel of new life in Jesus Christ. And let that bring about a mighty reformation in our lives and in our churches.

We pray that like the mighty army of martyrs and saints that have gone before us, we would repent of our sins and look to Jesus with a single eye. We pray that we would count it all joy to follow Him in the daily events of our lives: whether eating, drinking, sleeping, watching movies, playing hockey, working… Let the laughter of the Church fill our hearts and our mouths, and let it choke out the coarse and wicked laughter of this world. Give us the grace and strength to lead in a mighty reformation in our churches and lands. Help us to lead in North America through repentance and then delight in You who pours out blessings on our churches and in our world. Help us to lead the way by delighting in and loving your good law. Establish the righteous and destroy the wicked. End the deeds of the wicked either through repentance or destruction. Lead the righteous to repent of their sins and grow in love for You and Your Word.

We pray for a mighty Reformation, and we pray that it would start with You overthrowing our pride. Overthrow our pride and give us the strength to run the race set before us. It is a good race. It is often humbling, but it is the only path to glory. And so we cast ourselves on the mercy of Jesus Christ, through faith alone. And so we ask for Your grace alone. We pray that we will stand on Your Word alone. To Your Name alone be the glory. This we pray through Your Son Jesus Christ. Amen.

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