Hitting the Headlines

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Recently, the name of a pastor and his church in New Westminster, BC hit the headlines. The headline that was posted on the CBC was: “Transgender community goes face-to-face with pastor opposing parts of Bill C-16” Opposition to Bill C-16 means that Paul Dirks does not want people to share showers, bathrooms, or locker-rooms. You can read the latest dealio here.

Recently he initiated a campaign defending the notion that “women means something”. (You can find more about their program here). They now have radical feminists supporting their campaign. That in itself should catch your attention. The campaign is particularly against Bill C-16, to defend women’s rights. The campaign is targeted on violence against women. Excellent. High time something like that happened. In other words, they want to keep transgender dudes out of the girls’ washrooms, because they seem to have a problem keeping their hands to themselves.

The blog for “Woman Means Something” posted a page where they posted a bunch of news articles on this campaign (click here). Of course, they started by correcting at least one very “unbiased” notion from our nation’s “unbiased” media that the campaign was targeting certain communities.

Back to the original article. There was a protest lead by the transgender community outside the New West Community Church during Sunday worship. I learned from another Pastor in New Westminster that the New West Community Church prepared a table with coffee and cookies for the protestors. It definitely didn’t seem to turn out to be a war. In fact, the New West Community Church showed love to the protestors who were protesting their “intolerance”.

Among the shifting definition of words of our postmodern age, there is clarity. I’m really not that confused because I am a Christian. And Christians are called to speak the truth in love. For that, we can commend the New West Community Church for stepping out into the public eye, and speaking the truth. In love.

What are Churches in Canada willing to sacrifice for the truth? Are we willing to step out into the public eye and have our names slandered for the sake of reaching out to these communities and defending women? We are called intolerant and controlling and manipulative. We get to be called bigots, Bible-thumpers, unacademic, irrelevant. It’s an honour. We worship the Triune God, we love the Scriptures, and we want to share the life that comes at the cross with the world around us. It’s freedom and all men must know the truth and freedom, justice and mercy, that are found at the cross of Jesus Christ.

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