Positive Morality & the Goodness of God on Display in America


The latest brouhaha over morality in the United States of America, can teach us more about the impact of morality in America than the state of morality. Here we have an example of godliness in the highest halls of power. And power is often closely inter-woven with the most despicable immorality.

Mike Pence has kept his name free from scandal by loving his wife. (You can read more about it here). But then loving his wife became the scandal. You can hear the various responses. Who is this nut-job who won’t go to parties with booze without his wife? Who is this nut-job who won’t hit on the office staff? Who is this crazy who would follow the rule of a Bible-thumping evangelical like Billy Graham? Hopefully something strikes you as at least a little off here.

Of course, many Christians lament the response in America. What is our society coming too? We live in a wicked age. Prepare for persecution. Prepare for God’s wrath to be poured out upon us.

The problem is that most Christians don’t recognize that God is pouring out His wrath on us. We can see the wrath of God being poured out on our nations. For example, take a look at the abortion statistics or look at the rape statistics. Similarly, the problem is that Christians don’t realize that we are being persecuted. I’m not saying that we are being persecuted worse than in Nigeria. But we are being bombarded by the Devil to give up on holiness, and to ultimately give up on our faith in the saving and transforming power of Jesus Christ.

What is happening in the States with Mike Pence is something to lament. But even more, it is something to rejoice in. After all, this is the VP of the United States of America. After all, this is all the dirt the media could find on him. We may as well get used to it. We will be mocked. But even more, it is important for everyone to note that all those Christians who told you that everything is a grey area, and that it is OK to mess around with morals, were lying to you. There are real moral standards and God calls us to flee sin and pursue Christ. Whether we are in the halls of political power or plowing snow in a back alley of the City of Toronto.

Yes, we need to warn about all the filth and debauchery in North America. Solomon brings his son to the window in Proverbs, and points out the fool to him. There is real filth out there that we need not be sheltered from. But we should see that filth in our own hearts and run to Christ. It should drive us down the path of wisdom. That should lead us to embrace wisdom, because she is screaming at us in the town square while we are negotiating with villains in the back alley.

Ecclesiastes says that there is nothing better than to fear God and keep His commandments. This involves a lifetime of training in godliness. Ecclesiastes also says not to be overly righteous or overly wicked. It simply reminds us to fear God. As we learn in Christ, this only means something when we come to know Him and the power of His resurrection. As Christians, we can pray for men like Pence, repent of our wickedness, and run to the cross of Christ where we die in Him to our old life. There is new life at the cross because Jesus rose from the dead.

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