A Manifesto: 10 Goals of a Seminarian


A manifesto can be defined as “a public declaration of policy and aims.” I guess you could say that this is an attempt to draw one up by a student.

  • I will seek to preach the Word of God in its entirety and pray for the power of the Holy Spirit to move the hearts of men and women.
  • I will seek to serve Christ’s Church in its entirety, particularly the local church I find myself in.
  • I will seek to preach Christ and all of Christ, as the Triune God has been revealed in the face of Jesus Christ.
  • I will seek to love and speak the truth in a gospel-manner to every man or woman whom Christ places in my path.
  • I will seek to humbly honour and submit too all those earthly authorities that God will chose to place over me: whether consistories, or classes, or synods, or confessions, or creeds. I will do this in subjection to Christ.
  • I will seek the unity of the church in love, while not compromising on the truth.
  • I will seek the glory of God in time of conflict and in time of peace.
  • I will seek to enjoy God’s creation fully and without idolatry.
  • I will seek to repent daily for my failed attempts at living up to this standard that is so high that I will never be able to attain until heaven.
  • I will also seek to watch and pray, and so actively live by the grace of God in this world in which He has placed me.

I’m a student at the Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary, and a student in the United Reformed Churches of North America.

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