Wrap-Up of 2017: Seven Top Blog Posts


Irrelevantmag has done relatively well over 2017. Give or take a few glitches in the system, the blog received 1810 views and 1187 visitors over the year. Again, give or take a few glitches in the system, the blog received views from Great Britain, Ireland, the US, Brazil, the Netherlands, South Africa, Australia, Papua New Guinea, and a few more. August was the most popular month with 448 views. And April was the least popular month with 27 views.

Below I will post the 7 most well-read blog posts from highest to lowest popularity

  1. On Speedos and Bikinis: Males and Modesty and the Lack Thereof: link.
  2. 10 Theses on Baby Baptism: also on the Need to Sprinkle Hearts and Not Just    Foreheads: link.
  3. “Masculinity” vs. “Feminity”: link.
  4.  Was the Reformation Schismatic?: link.
  5.  Is it OK for Christians to use Gender Neutral Pronouns?: link.
  6.  Eating Dropje and Drinking Chai Tea with Joy on Christmas Day: link.
  7.  Time in Genesis?: link.

My only explanation for #1 and #3 is that they were controversially titled and they had to do with men and women. I’m actually surprised that #2 made it so high up there since it is a theological topic. I vote ‘Was the Reformation Schismatic‘ or ‘Is it OK for Christians to Use Gender Neutral Pronouns?‘ as the better written ones among the 44 posts of 2017, despite being quite vastly less read than #1.

The blog has covered topics of gender, theology, politics, science & theology.

2018 will be another exciting year. What will be more exciting than the rise and fall of politicians and prime ministers and pop stars will be the baptisms, the weddings, the anniversaries, and more children born into this world. And the fact that people are doing a lot of exciting and interesting jobs in many different fields. The kingdom of God grows individual by individual and family by family. So yes, sometimes it is good to just focus on the simple things.

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