Patrick Brown, Rick Dykstra, and the Christian Response

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Jonathon Van Maren writes about how Patrick Brown’s downfall was not an injustice. He writes this on the Bridgehead. I’m afraid that Van Maren is right, in a sense of the word. Those who live by the sword, die by the sword (Matt. 26:52). In a sense, it is poetic justice for his deceit and treachery.

But the allegations are beginning to grow against those connected to the PC Party in Ontario. Rick Dykstra just resigned as president of the PC party due to more allegations. MPP Sam Oosterhoff, tweeted this morning: “The allegations brought forward against Mr. Dykstra are shocking and very serious. My thanks go to the brave women who have come forward this past week. All men must be held – & hold themselves -to a higher level of respect and integrity. This abuse must end.”

As corruption continues to come to the surface, and court-cases take place to verify the claims, it is a time for self-reflection among conservatives. I’m thinking particularly of Christian conservatives. MPP Oosterhoff’s words nailed it: “All men must be held – & hold themselves -to a higher level of respect and integrity.”

The problem with holding yourself to a higher level of respect and integrity means that you might have to suffer. And we don’t like to suffer mockery, those barbs that are pointed at men who like to keep a clean slate and be free of compromise. All to easily we excuse the sins of those who defend us (like Trump), because we say “that’s the only way to get anywhere in politics”. All to easily we make little compromises, all the while Wisdom is screaming at us to halt our paths, to come back to the ways of God.

Joseph kept a clean slate when a government official’s wife wanted him to get into bed with her. Because of that, he had false allegations pressed against him, and he was thrown into prison. After that, he quickly rose to become the Pharaoh of Egypt, and God used his faithfulness under pressure to bless His people and be a witness to His Name.

Are we willing to have this kind of integrity? Are we willing to give away all because we see by faith what God is doing in this world?

We live in a world of scandal. But the greatest scandal in the Roman empire 2000 years ago, was that a Jew who called himself God, was thrown on a cross. He healed the sick, forgave sins, and then he was crucified. But then He rose from the dead. His followers went out from Jerusalem calling for the peace that can only be found at the cross of Jesus Christ. For that they were stoned and called traitors. But many of them maintained the integrity of their message under enemy fire.

This is the hope for Ontario. This is the hope for maintaining Christian principle in our cultural gong-show. Now is more time than ever for Christian leaders in government to take a stand for the cross of Jesus Christ, and life that comes as we pass under it. Without Christ, it is all worthless anyways.

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