The Rejuvenation of Creationism

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I have to say that I am pretty excited. Over the last couple years we have seen the comeback of Creationist literature at quite a substantial scale. I am a fan of the work that AIG and CMI is doing, but it is good to see a whole wealth of theological, philosophical, historical, and of course scientific, arguments put back on the table by a larger variety of organizations and church leaders.

3 New Movies

In 2017, Thomas J. Purifoy released a new documentary entitled ‘Is Genesis History?’. In this movie, Del Tackett interviews a number of creation scientists, and ends off with some solid historical points. He and a number of others also started a website for those who want to dig deeper and ask the hard questions. One of Purifoy’s most genius posts is this one. I would encourage you to read it.

Another new movie has just been produced starring my biology professor from college, Dr. Gordon Wilson. I have not watched it yet since most showings have been down in the States, but from what I understand, its intent is to be an artful and cinematic celebration of creation, in the genre but not in the philosophy of BBC’s Planet Earth. My professor recently has also published a textbook.

I have seen reviews and reports of another creationist film I haven’t watched. I won’t say to much about it since I don’t know too much, but I will attach a link. It is called ‘Genesis: Paradise Lost’ and it stars scientists and Christian leaders such as Dr. John Baumgardner, Dr. Voddie Baucham, Dr. Danny Faulkner, Ken Ham, and many more. You can find the web page here.


I would also direct you over to the website ‘Creation Without Compromise’. This matter of creation & evolution never ceases to be a matter of debate in any denomination or church community seeing as the teaching of evolution is so prevalent in North America. This website (based out of the Canadian Reformed Churches) is in part a response to the work of the Reformed Academic blog, with the broader aim of teaching.

The editors are Dr. Ted VanRaalte, Rev. Jim Witteveen, Mr. Jon Dykstra, and Dr. Wes Bredenhof. Rev. Ken Wieske is listed as an author. These men are a group of pastors, missionaries, professors, and Newspaper editors. From the States, Canada, Tasmania, and Brazil. I would strongly recommend their work to you.

And of course, My Take On the Matter!

I am trying to put together a few thoughts on Creationist matters. Of course, when I look at all the above resources, my thought definitely has to develop a lot more. But in the mean time I have enjoyed publishing these bites of interaction, and I enjoy my continued studies on the matter:

When Science Goes Unchallenged: link

Time In Genesis? link

Does Your Interpretation of Genesis 1 Have Gospel Implications? link

I have found that a robust doctrine of creation provides the groundwork for a robust view of creation and outworking of Christian theology. We shouldn’t hesitate to ask hard questions, but the question of literal 6 day creation is one of those hard questions for those who would seek to gravitate Christian theology across the spectrum towards evolutionary thinking. I strongly believe that evolutionary dogma loses it’s momentum when it meets some of the many arguments above.

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