How our Culture Grooms us for Sexual Abuse


I just finished watching season 5 of Brooklyn 99, and I have to say it is one of the most wicked, perverted, disgusting shows I have ever watched. I’m not proud to say I watched it, but here is a few thoughts on the show for other Christians who are probably enjoying it with alarm bells going off in the back of their head. I know some Christians who would tell me: wow, you nice sheltered boy, you haven’t even scraped the bottom of the barrel. Don’t hear me wrong, there was no nudity as far as I can remember, the character development was excellent, and the characters are witty, funny. Also, the authors have an excellent grasp of human nature and the way people interact.

And that is the issue. It is quite well done, providing an excellent medium for its filthy agenda. This film is anti-God, anti-morality, and wallows in human depravity, while putting on the air of understanding the world, and making sin quirky and loveable.

Isn’t this the definition for grooming for abuse? The dude or gal comes to you and minimizes the weird things, trying to put a towel over the moral smoke alarm. But the gospel is there to rip the towel off the smoke alarm so that the sirens will start screaming throughout the entire building. The word grooming is used most particularly of a pedophile, but it can be used more broadly as well in the world of sexual activity, which is also linked into pedophilia in various ways because sexual sin cannot be compartmentalized in the way that we want to it to be to justify our sins. It means: to prepare or train (someone) for a particular purpose or activity.

And that is what the show Brooklyn 99 is doing. It assumes that adultery and fornication are the norm and that jokes about sexual immorality are funny. It doesn’t assume that homosexuality and bisexuality are the norm, but it seeks to normalize it in various ways. It does this by playing artfully with stereotypes and using the norms for sexual deviance that it has already established within the film. Ultimately, it is preparing or training its audience for specific sexual ways of looking at the world and treating each other. And what is the next level of sexual weirdness that they will normalize? The question is whether the discerning or undiscerning Christian viewer (or general viewer) will be lured into the trap.

Captain Holt is a gay captain who has struggled to get to the point where he is, because of homophobes in the New York Police Department. He is a nice lovable guy who acts as a father figure to one of the main characters, Jake Peralta. In season 5, a important actor, Rosa Diaz, who has been a promiscuous heterosexual, comes out as bisexual. She faces “persecution” from her very traditional parents, and she receives cautious acceptance from her co-workers.

The show can’t even imagine a Christian response to all these issues. A response of love, truth, and firmness. They still have the institution of marriage, but it is based on feelings and emotion, and it is the result of years and years of sex before marriage.

In the end, I have now seen enough of this show to recognize the militantly anti-God, anti-Christian, anti-morality agenda. It is a show aimed at the destruction of any sexual norms, including the beauty of sexuality in the marriage relationship between one man and one woman. And don’t be deceived, the producers of this show want nothing less than the corruption of our society including yourself and myself. Sure, they might be nice people who help elderly ladies across the road, but that doesn’t make the perversity of this show any less sinful. They might not call it corruption but remember the verse where God calls out wicked men like these in Isaiah 5:20: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!”

Photo by Sam Xu on Unsplash

6 thoughts on “How our Culture Grooms us for Sexual Abuse

  1. Headline is rather misleading, I think. I think much like every other movie/show, it treats adultery and fornication as the norm, because they are. The sexual jokes are typical of every sitcom of the past 30-30 years.
    I don’t think it’s a calculated effort to corrupt the audience so much as a corrupted writer writing for the already corrupted – this is what is produced naturally. Sounds like season 5 may go a bit further, but to tie this to grooming for abuse is a bit of a stretch. By the same argument, any depiction of sin as normal could be called grooming…. And perhaps it is, but the title of the article specifically mentions sexual abuse, which I think is somewhat disingenuous.

    It took 5 whole seasons?


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