Fighting Marxism in Canada 101


It is easy for the Church to shift with the winds of the culture, like the chameleon that can change its colors to blend in. Conflict is tough. Peace is alluring.

We live in a peace-loving society. We say ‘sorry’ quickly, and submit our neck to the yoke of the government, for we think it makes our burden easier and our yoke lighter. All the shootings in Toronto – they are not the norm. They are the result of a polarized society. And the Christians. Those Christians. They keep defending absolutes. They keep calling people to repentance. They keep causing trouble in society. Love means acceptance. We’ll accept the imam calling for the extermination of Jews on a street-corner in Toronto. But those crazy wackos who stand up at a gay pride parade and talk about forgiveness. We can’t accept them.

Christians disrupt the peace of society, by talking about their God, and that man Jesus Christ. We like Christians who keep their Book and their God in their pristine little church buildings out in the country side, where we don’t have to worry about them. If they take the podium to talk about forgiveness, we will issue a nation wide warrant for their arrest. If they speak up against the slaughter of babies and cross over the line, it is prison bars for them.

The State becomes the abritator of peace, and yes, it is quite arbitrary. They spit on their finger, hold it up in the air, and see where the wind is blowing. That is democracy. Is the LGBTQ community on a rampage? Let’s give them more “rights.” As long as they can keep the churches docile, they are happy. With wealth, nice tax returns, charitable tax status, they taunt the church with the lure of money. As long as the church can be an incorporation rather than an institution separate from the government, they are happy. As long as the church courts are weakened to the point of impotence, society can have peace.

The 5th commandment says ‘honour your father and mother’. By good and necessary consequence and good Scriptural principle, we deduce that this means honouring governments including national courts. Of course, this also means honouring church courts. Wait, what are church courts? In I Corinthians the Apostle Paul outlines the necessity of church courts, encouraging Christians to settle their disputes in the church courts. In other parts of the New Testament we are called to pray for our national leaders though, and that includes the one that we really dislike, and hate us (I Peter 2:3-17).

Jeremiah says in chapter 6:14 “they have healed the wound of my people lightly, saying, ‘Peace, peace,’ when there is no peace.” I see places where the national courts are beginning to explicitly dishonour the authority of church courts and parental authority. There are bills headed through parliament and decisions being made that break the 5th commandment when it comes to the honouring of parental authority. Yes. Human courts can break the 5th commandment too. If you don’t believe me, there are a couple good podcasts from men who are leading in the defense of Christian principles. One of the best ones is the ARPA Lighthouse News podcast.

How shall we then live? “For this is the will of God, that by doing good you may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men – as free, yet not using liberty as a cloak for vice, but as bondservants of God.” (I Pet. 2:14-15)

  • We are bondservants of God, not the State.
  • We are free as bondservants of God, but we are not free to commit evil.
  • We fight back by doing good. It is not good to dishonour our parents or our church courts.
  • By honouring our parents and our church courts, we will put to silence the ignorance of foolish men who seek to give the State all authority in heaven and earth.

What are we willing to lose to honour the highest government of all, the crown rights of King Jesus? Not remaining docile, does not mean becoming wicked men. But it does mean standing by ecclesiastical church courts when our governments start roping them in through tax returns and incorporations. It does mean standing by our parents and the parents in our country, when the government starts imposing on their authority. It means taking personal responsibility.

Jesus is Lord!

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