Will Canadian Culture go up in Smoke on Wednesday?


On Wednesday, marijuana will be legalized in Canada. The news is telling me that everything will change and that we will live in a different world. That being said, all that will change for me is that I will have to study more and respond in a different way.

Here are a couple observations based on my limited knowledge

1. The field of marijuana is largely unexplored territory. We also are still unaware of the psychological and medical affects that it could have (some studies have connected it to schizophrenia).

2. There are various types of marijuana. The primary types of marijuana are CBD and THC. There seem to be a number of variations around this.

3. Medical marijuana seems to be a better option than opioids or psychotropic drugs. Something like cannabis oil could prove to be an effective pain killer that is safer than many pain killers.

4. Up until this point, marijuana has largely been known for its abuse. It can be used to shut down the senses and help a person leave reality (like alcohol abuse). It has also been known for its ties to the occult.

A few of my current reflections (again, based on limited knowledge)

1. You will not find me smoking marijuana recreationally.

2. In a hypothetical scenario where I might be forced to make a decision between a prescription of medical marijuana and a opioid or psychotropic drug, I would likely start with medical marijuana.

3. The federal government has no right to force marijuana upon local communities.

4. Communities and especially churches should be studying and reflecting on this matter. This way, they will be able to respond more effectively rather than relying on a federal government that has proven itself incapable of dealing with moral issues.

5. Local governments have every right to assert their authority against federal legalization. Educating ourselves and our communities are a good place to start.

A lot of people are concerned and don’t know how to respond. I am convinced that God is sovereign, and he has given us the task of searching out this matter. I believe that part of the reason we are at a loss, is because we relied on the fact that marijuana was illegal as the final word on the morality of the matter. But morality is not determined primarily by governments but by the Word of God.

Parents should sit down together to study up on a whole host of matters including, alcohol abuse, pornography, marijuana, broader drugs, medical drugs, etc.

As for the Church, the gospel continues to go out. And the gospel urges young men and women to pursue the path of wisdom. Above all, Christ should be preached who forgives us for our sins of ignorance as well as our self-justifications and our sins that were done in full knowledge of the path we were on. And then He sets us on a new path to live for Him.

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