At the Turn of the Year: Irrelevant from 2018 to 2019


It is time for a round-up of 2018 and a beginning thought for 2019. The blog found its inception in the closing days of 2016, when Ashley (who was then my fiancee before we married in July 2017) and myself decided that I should start a blog while going through seminary and call it Irrelevant mag as a spin off of Relevant Magazine. This was partly in good fun to take a crack at the elusive search for relevance.

Some stats. Irrelevant has had a 623 view increase from 2017, going from 1789 views in a year to 2412 views in a year. The number of visitors went from 1171 to 1716. Posts were viewed from a number of countries, including Canada, America, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, and Poland. Not too shabby.

Top three posts of 2018. 1) Why the Fuss over Tats and Debts: here; 2) How Our Culture Grooms us for Sexual Abuse: here; 3) We Should Stop Loving Evangelism: here. The third blog post made it in an edited format into the Christian Renewal, and another article made it into the Sunday Times (How is Christianity Spread?). A number of independent posts were posted in the Reformed Perspective.

I blogged on a number of issues that I was either reflecting on in a class setting, or other important cultural, political, and church issues that I thought I should study and reflect on more: Roman Catholicism, creationism, pornography, movies, revolution, reformation, pastors & wives, infant baptism, LGBTQ and Church, Ruth, Hosea, evangelism, marijuana, social justice and gospel, socialism, education. I don’t pretend to know everything about these things, but my aim is to show how Christians stand under the Word of God in seeking to understand them and in applying His Word to our lives. Of course, the main goal is to stimulate discussion, thought and personal reformation through this blog.

Im still a bit too scattered to stick to a theme, nevertheless, the general theme of 2017 was simply to be irrelevant. The general theme of 2018 was intended to be authority.

I hope to focus a little more on the theme of personal responsibility in the year of 2019. I mentioned a couple points on this matter in an article on revolution. RJ Rushdoony makes this point clear: “The hypocrite is against sin in other people. The godly man is against sin anywhere but, first and foremost, against sin in himself.” So our aim is to pursue reformation/revival in society by beginning with the household of God (I Peter 4:17). And in order to begin reformation/revival in the household of God we must pray for the work of His Spirit in transforming our own hearts first. To God alone be the glory!

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