Roe v. Wade and the Cross


Roe v. Wade comes back to an abuse of leadership; it comes back to a deep cowardice; it comes back to a failure of leadership in the church.

Roe v. Wade comes back to men who are self-serving. Cowards who are willing to hide their sin behind a pair of scissors and a white doctor’s gown. Cowards who don’t understand the meaning of love. Cowards who don’t understand that beauty is a gift. Cowards who don’t understand that self-sacrifice is the path of forgiveness.

We have blood on our hands. The blood of infants washes through the public square, because the blood of Christ has not washed our lives. Until the blood of Christ washes us clean, the public square will continue to flow with the blood of the innocent.

The blood of infants cries out to God. Am I my brother’s keeper? Until I give up images of glory and self-service, and cheerfully declare that Jesus is Lord, I am lost. Until I give up my rebellion, until I stop shaking my fist against God, moping in my apathy, I am responsible for the blood of infants.

Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God who came to take away the sin of the world. He came as a tiny baby to wash our sin away. He came to give us new life; He came to give us a new start. He is the God of new beginnings.

Until the cross dominates the public square, until the cross dominates the hearts of the leadership in our world: we are lost. Without the cross, there is no resurrection. Without the cross, we are a society that remains in the grave.

He took up His cross so that we can take up our cross. And follow Him. Where are we willing to go? I can be a teacher, a businessman, an economist, a pastor. But where am I willing to go to declare His life in this world? Where am I afraid to go? 

If I am a guy who worries about labels – the names that people will call me – there is no way I can go where He wants me to go. But I’ve been baptized. And yes, there are a horde of baptized men who don’t know what it means to be baptized.

Baptism is where abortion ends. More importantly, Christ’s blood is where abortion ends. We have died as men and women who are found in Jesus Christ, and we have risen dripping with the waters of grace and glory. Our message to the world is that there is new life. There is an end to the killing, to the streams of blood in the public square. Christ’s blood flowed from the cross: and that is where abortion ends and new life begins.

– I wrote these thoughts back in 2013-2014, in my Senior Year of College while attending New Saint Andrews in Moscow, Idaho. I see more than ever why it is so important for Christian men to take leadership on issues like these and speak up for the unborn.

Photo by Stefie Zawa on Unsplash

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