Favourite Blogs-Podcasts


I enjoy some good blogs out there.

  • The Theopolis blog from various authors on various points of theology and culture.
  • I read Doug Wilson’s blog, blog and mablog working with matters of cultural engagement.
  • I read Tim Challies’ blog dealing with Christian living and doctrine.
  • The website of Kuyperian commentary has a lot of good material on theology and politics.
  • The Desiring God website and the Gospel Coalition website often have good material on theology and culture.
  • The Calvinist International website is excellent on historical theology.
  • George Harrell writes a history blog, called A Shot Glass of History: Delivering a Strong Dose of Historical Rethinking.
  • James Zekveld writes a hermeneutics blog, called Respondeo: Reflections on Interpretation and Education.

Podcasting is the new thing on the market, and there are some good ones to listen to while driving to work or school:

  • Kevin Swanson does some good work in his podcast on Generations Radio.
  • The guys at Crosspolitic also have a lot of good things going for them on the topics of religion and politics.
  • If you go to Crosspolitic make sure to listen to Matt Williams and his business podcast under the title “How to Build a Tent”.
  • Ezra Institute puts out excellent material on Christ and Culture here.
  • Sermon Audio is always a good place to listen to solid sermons.

I am sure that I have forgotten a few. Fill in the gaps.



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