Letter to a Fearful Pro-Lifer


Dear Pro-Lifer,

I have heard some concern expressed at the latest protests against Member of Provincial Parliament, Sam Oosterhoff. He recently stated that he wants to “make abortion unthinkable in our lifetime.” It was a bold statement, and as you may have expected, there was some lashback.

While I am speaking to pro-lifers more broadly, I am speaking knowing that Sam is a Christian and I am a Christian as well. I am also addressing pro-lifers knowing that many of them hold to Christian convictions. I also recognize that I am a Christian in training for ministry in the Church, and I know how important it is to point those trapped in the shame and guilt of abortion to the fact that Jesus Christ is Saviour and Lord.

I know that many of you are concerned as I hear you speak about the direction that Canada is headed in. You are worried that Christians are headed into a time of more intense persecution. You are afraid that Canada is irrevocably headed away from many of the Christian roots in its founding.

I do not know what MPP Oosterhoff intended to achieve through this statement. But if you think about it, this was an excellent statement for a Member of Provincial Parliament to make. What it did was push the pro-life position to a moment of conflict once again. Think about what is at stake here.

First of all, the lives of helpless babies are at stake here. As a leader in the public sphere, Sam is called to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves and he is called to defend their rights (Prov. 31:8-9). Second, the mental health and safety of many women is at stake here. Many of these women struggle with intense feelings of guilt and depression following an abortion. As a leader in the public sphere, Sam’s beliefs demand that he works for laws to protect these women and to give them the best protection along with their babies (Prov. 31:8-9).

We live in a time where people love the concept justice. But they will only be just if that type of justice is popular. But in order to promote a more unpopular justice, a society must come to the point of conflict. Ten years ago, this debate was far more ignored in the media than it is today, there was not a lot of conflict. The price of this has been the blood of many more babies.

With the work of men like David Daleiden who were willing to push the card and challenge the status quo, this debate has become more heated in North America. Individual States down south have begun to pass laws against abortion. The core issues have had much more press time. The compassion and justice of the pro-life movement has had some important moments in the public eye. Those who are for abortion are feeling increasingly uncomfortable and this is the way that it should be.

In both the Book of Judges and the Book of Acts, we see that when the Holy Spirit rushes upon a man and he stands up for what is right, there is inevitably push-back. But it is through these trials that the Christian men of old and the Christian men of today continue to labour in this world for a better world.

I say kudos to MPP Oosterhoff as he takes this fight into the provincial spotlight. Christians continue to establish Pregnancy Care Centres on the ground floor, Christian Pastors teach the Word of God and preach repentance and forgiveness from pulpits, and Christians call each other to faithfulness and to rescue the one headed to death (Prov. 24:11, James 5:20). Our leaders as well are called to be men of integrity and men who defend righteousness. And we need men to defend what is right in all areas of society.

Political leaders as well are called to serve under Jesus Christ who “loved righteousness and hated wickedness” (Ps. 45:11). He did this perfectly and we look to Him.

So I would strongly encourage you to be unembarrassed and even courageous as you openly defend what is right, noble, good, and lovely. If you get lashback and are maligned, don’t forget to love your neighbour by speaking the truth. But remember, at least they aren’t apathetic. If you find the opportunity, defend pro-life among your friends at university, at work, and at church. Stand by men like Oosterhoff. Support a Pregnancy Care Centre. Pray for the young ladies and men who have questions but have no one to help or answer their questions. Hold our leaders accountable for the fact that they are called to protect the little lives, and yet might stand down for fear of conflict or losing their elected position.

Let’s speak out to protect the little ones. The debate seems to be growing. The conversation is spreading. This is good, because hopefully it gets people thinking.

Yours truly,

Nathan Zekveld

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