Statement of Testimony for Candidacy in the United Reformed Churches


I am convinced that the righteousness of God has been revealed in the person of Jesus Christ. The promises of the Old Testament are recognized and come to fulfillment in Him. In these days following the coming of Jesus Christ we are called to spread the good news of salvation, to establish churches, and to call all men everywhere to serve King Jesus. We do this in hope and expectation of His second coming when He will come to judge the living and the dead. There is no better news under heaven and earth than that Jesus Christ died on a cross and then rose from the dead. He ascended into heaven where He rules, intercedes for us before the Father, and pours out His Holy Spirit upon the Church. It is because of the acts of God in history that we now must bring in the nations and build the Church.

It is these truths that force me to my knees. I am a sinner. I am prone to wander. I must still repent of my sins not only before God but also before brothers and sisters in the church and also unbelievers. I know that my only righteousness is in Jesus Christ. The more I am forced to recognize my spiritual death and despair outside of Christ, the more I am forced to cling to His righteousness, and then through the power of His Spirit to stand up and follow Him. God has given me prayer and Bible reading to develop my walk with Him at home, but He has also given the preaching of the Word and the sacraments within the context of public worship.

I have seen the Spirit of God at work in the last 26 years of my life. I was first captured by the need and desire to spread the gospel at Hope Centre, but also through interaction with supporting churches and other Christians and leaders in various churches. This desire has grown through my time at Rehoboth and in my internships. My time in the work force has also brought me to see more and more the absolute necessity that men and women everywhere come know Jesus Christ. I love to speak the truth into our world of lies and half-truths, because that is exactly what Christ has called me to do.

I believe that the Reformed confessions in our churches are an accurate summary of these core truths of the good news within Scripture. They were written as a faithful response to Jesus Christ who commanded His Church to disciple the nations and to teach them all things that He has commanded us (Matt. 28:16-20). It is important that churches work for unity in their confession before the world also as we pursue greater unity and deeper understanding of the Scriptures. I love the desire within Reformed theology to grow in a knowledge of the Scriptures and of God, and that this deep theology leads to doxology, praise, and glory.

I love the Scriptures. It is here that we learn the gospel and how to live a godly life before a holy God. It is here that we find the logic of the gospel, the poetry of the gospel and the symbols of the gospel. It is here that we see the world through new eyes. Here our blindness is dispelled and our eyes are opened to the fact that God has spoken and that He has spoken to us through His Son. It is here that we see the Triune God at work, and we bow in wonder. It is here where the things of this world come into perspective so that we can enjoy them without idolizing them, and so that we can have dominion over them without being ruled by them. As the Holy Spirit enlightens me to the meaning of Scripture this really does change everything.

I want to know Jesus Christ and the power of His resurrection more and more. I am willing to serve Him and I am willing to suffer for Him. He has saved me from the power of sin and death and Hell and there really is no other legitimate response.

In Christ,

Nathan Zekveld

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