Pride Parades and Capitulation in Christendom


Just recently Christian singer Audrey Assad openly said that she loves and celebrates gay communities during Pride Month. Her comment is not alone, and obviously various Christians have given varying levels of approval. To give two more examples, a pastor came out as SSA on Christianity Today and a christian rock star came out as gay a couple years back on Religion New Service. I want to ask a question about Assad’s tweet below: what can be more hateful than this response?

Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 10.01.56 AM

What is happening among Christians in North America? I believe that we all are aware deep down how destructive this lifestyle is, and that the Word of God speaks out expressly against it. And yet, you can be sure that these are only a handful of examples for the many examples of Christians laying down their arms and capitulating to the culture. There are many more examples that you can find for yourself. So why are Christians giving up?

I want to focus here on the matter of ‘love’. This is because the allegation that disagreement and disapproval means hatred, is one of the most manipulative and oldest tricks of the movement and of the day. Its like the highschool girl who throws a fit when her parents won’t allow her to go to a party where the parents know there will be a lot of drunkenness, and she says “you hate me!” Of course they love you, they don’t want you to get raped by a drunk guy or drive drunk. And that means not approving of an action (in love).

If people are confused about what ‘truth’ is in our culture, then the result is that they are just as confused about the truth of what ‘love’ really is. But truth and love come together. Take the case of a Christian family where one of their sons might “come out” as attracted to men, and then start dating one. They can still say that they love him. But to celebrate him would be a sign of acceptance. To truly love him would be to bind themselves to the truth in love and that means warning him about the destructive nature of that lifestyle spiritually, physically, emotionally, etc.

Are we really just giving in to the oldest manipulative trick in the books? I grew up in Toronto, and my Dad generally advised that we stay out of certain parts of the downtown core during June because the pride parades have been happening as long as I can remember. I never sensed a hatred. As early as the year 2000, my parents had already done a number of Bible studies with a man who had done surgery on his privates. When I was at college, I saw Christians reaching out in love, in Idaho of all places. Have you read Doug Wilson’s blog? Yes, I am pretty sure that he would also have dinner and do a Bible study with any attendee of the gay pride parade in Toronto.

Why are Christians capitulating? Maybe its because we have bought into the lies of the most intense and aggressive manipulation scam of the day. Maybe its because we have left our Bibles at the door and have had our feelings groomed by TV shows, university professors, and teenagers. Maybe its because we want to do our own thing. Maybe it is because we are deathly afraid of any sort of conflict that would make us look like radicals. Maybe it is because we have given up on a culture of repentance and must repent and return to the Lord and to His goodness.

Sure, there is a lot of hatred out there. But more often than not (in the circles that I work in), I have seen rock solid pastors and Christian men and women calling out in love for repentance in a dark world. Sure, we need to kick this up a notch,  we need to be more aggressive in taking the message of Jesus Christ into a dying world. We need to listen to people’s pain and heartache. We need to develop a stronger view of Christian justice in an anti-Christian age. We need to take children into Christian schools who are not Christian, but who are being confused by the gender confusion, and the sexual lies that are being forced down their throats in the public schools. But let us not be convinced of the lie that lack of approval is lack of love. Nothing is more unloving than approving of something that will destroy someone. Nothing is more hateful than flattering a man (or a woman) who is headed to death.

Jude calls us to contend for the faith, to have mercy on those who doubt, to save others by snatching them out of the fire, to show mercy with fear, to hate the garment stained by the flesh. This is rock solid love. The image is used of snatching someone out of a fire. Love fights. Love rescues. Love dies so that another might have life. And that is where Jesus Christ comes on scene as the perfect sacrifice to take away the sin of the world.

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