A prayer of Thanksgiving at Thanksgiving


Almighty God, we come before you with an overflowing sense of gratitude. We have seen your hand at work over the last year and we are humbled by the mercy that you show to your servants. 

We thank You for the great gift of salvation that is found in Jesus Christ. We see the multiple beams of his glory shining out in the darkness and we are both humbled and amazed. You have displayed Your righteousness in Jesus Christ and we fall to our knees in wonder. You have confronted our self-righteousness and unrighteousness in the display of His perfect righteousness and we say: “What wondrous love is this.” We have seen the radical change that this knowledge and truth brings about in our lives and we say “Amazing grace, how sweet the sound.” We consider the depth of Your love towards us in Jesus Christ. And when we reflect on the ingratitude that we have shown, we ask that You would pour out Your Holy Spirit and bring us to a true sense of gratitude at Your grace and mercy.

We thank You for the mercy that You have shown in filling our tables in the last year. We know how often we have worried and yet You have given us food and clothing. We thank You that the harvest continues as farmers get out in the fields and harvest their corn and potatoes. We thank You that the hurricane did not do any more damage. We thank You for all these things.

We thank You for the gift of new life in our church over the last year. We thank You for the little babies born and we thank You for the children that run around in the basement of the Church. We thank You for the little faces streaked with food and for the hands that are raised to praise Your Name. We know that You have established your strength in the mouths of these infants and children because of Your foes to still the enemy and the avenger. We thank You that we can learn a simple trust from them.

We thank You for the trials that we have experienced in the last year. We know that this is hard to do, but we know that You love the one You chasten and we know that all things work together for good. We repent of our ingratitude, and we ask that you would teach us to be grateful in prosperity, patient in adversity, giving thanks in every situation knowing that this is your will in Jesus Christ. 

We thank You for our church community, for the weekly gathering of the saints, for the weekly fellowship in men’s bible study and women’s bible study. We thank You for the hospitality and fellowship that is shown and shared in this communion of believers. What a supreme gift that we have and share in a lonely world. 

We thank You for the challenges that we have to face as a church community, challenges that drive us into Your Word, challenges that teach us to love you more. Thank You for the bumps and bruises, for your gift of repentance. Thank-you for giving us a love for Jesus Christ, that when we see the scars and the wounds in our lives, that we can see the glory of the scars in His hands and His side from the supreme display of love that He showed to us on the cross. 

We thank You for our dinner tables laden with food, we thank You for our marriages, and for a church community. We thank You for the times of raking gravel, and scraping manure. We thank You for the dishes in the sink, for the poopy diapers, for the late nights of work, for our children who sometimes give us a hard time but bless us in so many other ways, for our parents in spite of their weaknesses. We thank You for the rolling hills, for the sandy beaches, for the fall colours. We thank you for the time spent in the milk parlour, in the fields, and in the office. We thank you for young limbs and creaky limbs, we thank You for fresh air, clean water and the coming of winter. 

We thank You for the gift of Jesus Christ and the fact that He helps us to put the things of this world into proper perspective. We thank You that the gospel changes everything and that because of the gospel we can enjoy this world and love the little moments of every day in light of our vision of the city that is yet to come. We pray this all in the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

This is a prayer of Thanksgiving that I wrote for the Thanksgiving Day service in the URC in PEI.

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